Who is Deegee?

My name on all official document is Oluwadamilola Grillo but my friends call me Dammy or DeeGee. I had my Bachelors of Science in Sociology from the University of Lagos with a special interest in Gerontology and retirement. I worked and volunteered for Old peoples home and also raised awareness concerning the welfare of old people in my country in Nigeria. I later went on to do my Masters in Gerontology and Ageing Studies at the Centre for Innovative Ageing, Swansea University, Wales.

I am passionate about the welfare of the elderly in my society in Nigeria. I volunteer at old people’s home, planning and effecting intervention programmes for vulnerable older adults in my society. I want to assist the older population to live fulfilled later years with better social welfare and also educate individuals through research on Ageing at tertiary institutions of learning.

My new interest is in the area of non-communicable diseases among older adults especially dementia and how older adults can live through it gracefully.

Hold the age blog is created to give awareness to both old and young people in my society where this little or no knowledge about the Ageing studies and the welfare of the elderly is not prioritized. Here, topics ranging from healthcare for the elderly, older adults lifestyle, advocacy for older adults in work and retirement, caregiving for the elderly, assisted living etc will be discussed.

On Tuesdays of every week, this blog will definitely speak to your needs and educate readers about old age and how to hold your age as age is just a number.

Welcome on board!