Elder abuse presents itself in various forms & financial abuse is one.

The video below represents one of the fights to end injustice in Nigeria through protests that occurred in Nigeria a few weeks back.

Here are retired older adults that have been denied their pension after serving the government. These pensioners in Calabar, Cross Rivers State took their grievances against the government by blocking a federal road to express the injustice of their unpaid pensions on the 2nd of November, 2020.

You can hear them singing “all we are saying pay us pension”.

This is one of the several injustices that our older adults face in Nigeria. These are challenges beyond our jurisdiction at Hold the Age because the bill of rights of older persons in Nigeria is yet to be passed into law. Pray or tell, how do these older adults access financial support to live well in their retirement years if their pensions are unpaid? Yet, the population of older persons living in Nigeria is small & they are not made a priority.

We later learned soldiers were sent to disperse them from the street, another injustice. Getting older in Nigeria is a major challenge for some Nigerian older adults & this shouldn’t be so. The rights of older adults should not be infringed upon & equal rights should be given to all.

@holdtheage frowns at all forms of abuse meted out on older persons & we hope this injustice against Nigerian older persons is looked into with possible solutions soon. We hope our government will look into this as soon as possible too.

As there is little or nothing we can do @holdtheage, making awareness to fight against unpaid or delayed pensions of our older loved ones is our way to fight against #elderabuse. We need to do right by our older adults

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