Talk to someone – Do it intentionally

On the surface, everything seems alright, but most people are battling one mental illness, or the other and mental depression is one of such illness that is easily not detected owing to the cheerful aura people going through it portray. Depression knows no status, age, gender or religion. Recently, popular people that are thought to be living good lives have committed suicide.

A few days ago, a South African cardiologist in his early fifties committed suicide, barely 5 days ago, a Nigerian young media personality/photographer in her twenties took poison and died. A few months back a popular chef and writer in his sixties committed suicide in a hotel, a popular fashion designer in her fifties also committed suicide and there are more people not known to the public that have committed suicide recently. It is certain that death will definitely come knocking but committing suicide should never be an option or a way to end it all. There were people that life was not fair to them and could either live a worthless or worthwhile life because of the vicissitudes they were confronted with yet lived their lives intentionally. Stephen Hawking is one of such examples. There are still people that should have seen their lives as not worth living yet are living and impacting lives, Nick Vujicic is a classy example. Most people will be wondering how these people are living their lives, but this is not far fetched as they are living intentionally, passionately pursuing their interests but most importantly they never cease communication.

Communication is very important in our lives existence. We can never be too busy to check on one another especially in our adult lives that seem so busy, confronted with the need to continuously set goals and achieve them as well as filled with so many uncertainties neither planned nor unplanned. We should all deliberately decide to talk and check up on one another, we should act intentionally to reduce the increasing rate of suicide wherever we find ourselves. We should go beyond texting, emailing people around us. We should call and visit physically to share a snack. We should talk to someone and do it intentionally. There are a lot of people out there that need just a 5 minutes companionship, someone to physically be in their presence and just smile or cry with them. There are strong people out there but deep inside are crying for companionship, an extended hand of friendship, a 5-minute tea break just to share their thoughts and burdens with someone. No matter how resourceful an individual is, we still all need one another. Let us endeavour to talk to someone in our busy schedules, your little act might be lifting an individual out of depression or a mental illness and the world will be a better place for it.

Here, is a note I wrote a few weeks back, I hope it will help us talk intentionally to people around us.

I hope we are all doing fine?

I actually have my own demons I’m fighting but I have never gotten to that state of despair of giving it all up or even the slightest thought of suicide.

Sometimes, I want to totally stop thinking about people, shut them out completely especially those that don’t reach out deliberately or even those that feel you are disturbing them with your incessant ‘hi’, ‘hello’ and ‘how are you doing’ but no, my kind of person will still reach out even if you snob me.

It’s all because I mostly see beyond the surface, I have this feeling of something not been right and I will fight it just to avoid reaching out, but an inner voice comes nudging, telling me to call, not even chat because feelings are buried in chats, but a lot are discerned from spoken words.

My dear friend, if you ever feel like talking, I’m just a call/chat away. Let’s share this burden together and lift our spirits high like drug-induced high.
May we not get into that dark abyss of contemplating suicide. I am here for you my friend.