I have been thinking about what to share today for the past 4 days and I can’t come up with any. So, today I will be sharing one of my thoughts that I typed on my phone on my birthday in November 2017.


Musings 1

I have worked with children especially babies as I love them to bits and I have so many adopted babies. I have worked with teenagers, they fascinate me and always made me be up to date with trends. I have worked with older people and I’m still working with me, the older ones just put me in this happy place, no worries just go with the flow and relay joy around them.

Presently having the time of my life with a lovely old lady that I met on a bus and made it a habit to visit her, go to Costa and drink coffee. People that know me are very aware that I’m not a coffee person, I don’t like sugar especially but with this lovely lady, I have no choice so I go with her and take hot chocolate. Right there she tells me about her life everytime we drink together. A very nice lady I must say and she regales me about her love life, she’s saving up to meet her husband in Africa as her African husband moved back home. Her children do not have her time, these are children from her first husband, she doesn’t have any with her African husband and on and on she goes. Then we make fun of her tenants that are always disturbing her whenever they bring their girlfriends home and make so much noise that makes her stay awake.

During this our 2 hour meet up, she will tell me how I look like her husbands relative over 10times. The joy that radiates from her is so contagious and when I’m leaving she will tell me to come to the ferry on Sunday and will pay for the taxi. Sometimes I go but I don’t allow her to pay for the taxi and we will also make so much noise and laugh loudly to disturb her tenants. After our meet up, she goes shopping at the city centre most times not buying anything but that in itself makes her happy.

So now what is the purpose of my story, today is my birthday and I’ve learnt a lot from all these people I have worked with especially the older ones. They have taught me not to grow old, it’s a mindset that comes with unnecessary worries and fears. My nice old lady made me realise how we can be free from things that breed worries or fears.

Telling me those that you surround yourself with all through your years’ matters, your family, friends and foes all have a role to play but making sure you are not swamped in these relationships is a big deal so that you can live your own life and be able to look back without regrets. Naturally, I don’t yield to unnecessary worries but in present times I have had to. My nice old lady reminded me that worries are of no use, they change nothing. I have come to enjoy her company and the other ones around me.

From the fine 70year old lady that is taking care of her 100year old father, I mean she’s totally in charge, took it upon herself to do it alone is teaching me how beautiful my life can be at an older age, she’s teaching me perseverance and commitment. To the amiable lady that keeps sending me text each day just to check up on me even though we leave in the same house. To the fellowship meetings we have and have no fears to discuss everything and anything and pray together, I’m the youngest in this fellowship, the next in age will be like 20 years older than I am.