Bureaucracy vs Humanity

First, I have heard so many justifications regarding the palliatives stored in warehouses. Do you really want to know the truth, there shouldn’t be an excuse over the delay of distribution from any organization involved.

Will a mother continue to look at her hungry child crying with pangs of pain and do nothing?

The reasons given were bureaucratic bottlenecks but we should understand the meaning of expediting an action in a time of urgent need. There was a lockdown, people were cash trapped, people lost their jobs, some died of hunger and the only purpose why the palliatives were donated was to cushion the effect of the people facing any of these challenges and the masses who are urgently in need.

Are we supposed to be concerned about bureaucratic processes at the hour of need? When a democratic leader is in need of urgent medical care, does bureaucracy come to play? Where lies our humanity as leaders in any sphere we may find ourselves? What happened to compassion, empathy and love? Let this just sink in, people died of hunger during the lockdown and people are still dying of hunger every day. What is leadership if you can’t feel the cries of your followers and prioritize their needs?

The divide that is defending the authorities that the receipt of the palliatives was just concluded on the 22nd of September (I’m not going to argue over this any longer) should reason this well. Logistics/distribution chain is not a difficult thing to achieve under a 5-day timeline if 200 youths were recruited rotating shifts at a 600ft by 600ft warehouse to repackage (as that was the instruction) the palliatives and distribution take effect immediately. A good case study is what the protesters were able to achieve in limited time with almost a faultless organization skill that was deployed via technology. Don’t let us completely rule out the fact that some or majority of the palliative could have been in the warehouses since May and nothing was done as there are now pieces of evidence of spoilt food as well as a corruption tracking that is ongoing.

The priorities of leaders all over the world since the beginning of the pandemic have been medicals and palliatives. Why should ours be different? Seriously, there should be no excuse because humanity should be the priority here.

We need to stop making simple processes difficult in Nigeria, there are enough manpower and hardworking citizens that are ready to work if we refuse to deploy technology which is also readily available. We need to stop rationalizing the ineptitude that is daily drawing us back. Let each and every one of us be accountable for the service placed in our hands. What is bad is bad and we shouldn’t sugarcoat falsehood. Humanity first before any other thing.

Oluwadamilola Grillo