Loving Yourself: A Caregiver’s Ultimate Challenge

Loving Yourself: A Caregiver’s Ultimate Challenge BY CAROL BRADLEY BURSACK | Last Updated 4.11.2018 We’ve all heard that we must first learn to love ourselves before we can love others. Yet, many of us have grown up with family members who were hard on us or taught us that that feeling good about ourselves is selfish or […]


Balance Disorders What is a balance disorder? How does the vestibular system work? What are the symptoms of a balance disorder? What causes a balance disorder? What are some types of balance disorders? How is a balance disorder diagnosed? How is balance disorder treated? How do I know if I have a balance disorder? How […]


Hold The Age Services Apart from running a blog to enlighten everyone on issues related to old age, other services rendered are: Retirement Seminars Caregivers training Consultancy services Setting up Old people’s home Managing loneliness among older people Recreational activities for old people Befriending a grandma/ grandpa   DeeGee is here to serve you!


Atherosclerosis What to know about atherosclerosis By Joseph Nordqvist Reviewed by Daniel Murrell, MD What is atherosclerosis? Symptoms Treatment Causes Arteriosclerosis vs. atherosclerosis Complications Risk factors Atherosclerosis is a condition where the arteries become narrowed and hardened due to a buildup of plaque around the artery wall. It is also known as arteriosclerotic vascular disease. The […]


I have been thinking about what to share today for the past 4 days and I can’t come up with any. So, today I will be sharing one of my thoughts that I typed on my phone on my birthday in November 2017.   Musings 1 I have worked with children especially babies as I […]

Why Your Ill Loved One Fools the Doctor and What to Do About It

Why Your Ill Loved One Fools the Doctor and What to Do About It BY CAROL BRADLEY BURSACK | Last Updated 2.13.2018 A frequent problem expressed among caregivers is that their aging loved ones aren’t truthful with their doctors. At home, they may gripe about intense pain or exhibit memory problems and accuse family members of theft […]


My mom’s birthday is this week and I made this thread on Twitter last year while studying for my Masters in Gerontology and Ageing Studies.   Ageing And Iya Jade   This was the type of car that did all my primary school rounds Plus, all the extra lessons and extracurricular activities, you can think of […]