My mom’s birthday is this week and I made this thread on Twitter last year while studying for my Masters in Gerontology and Ageing Studies.


Ageing And Iya Jade


This was the type of car that did all my primary school rounds

Plus, all the extra lessons and extracurricular activities, you can think of for my siblings and me

But why the remembrance of this car? Its colour was green

My mother’s favourite colour is green

Laying quietly at the back of my mother’s green Volkswagen is pankere (cane)

My mother didn’t spare her pankere if you are not punctual whenever she comes picking us

She never played with our education and anything linked to it

Thinking back maybe it was because she worked at the Ministry of Education

My mother and her green Volkswagen was ever ready to commute us to anywhere relating to education

She will read anything as far as it’s written on paper little wonder you will always see her with newspapers

My mother is still reading in her 70s

Still living her life. Age is no barrier to her reading

I have come to realize that age has got nothing on anybody as long as you do you

Here is a toast to Iya Jade as she’s fondly called

Happy birthday mom continue to age gracefully and many more years of reading