It was my dad’s 87th birthday yesterday and here is a thread I made on Twitter last year when I was contemplating of starting a blog for old people.




A young man is a year younger today

Ever since I have known and called him father, have I also known him with his fiddle

This is one out of his numerous hobbies

One of the reasons why he is still a young man is because he plays the violin even at this age

This is a hobby that has grown with him and the reason why he is still young

We are all growing and we will grow old

One of the things that will keep us going in our lives journey is the activities (hobby) or passion we have

Trust me, we are going to have a lot of free time on our hands when we get to a certain age

At that time, it will be difficult to get inspired for anything or even develop a hobby

We need to be active, stay active and live active every day of our lives

We need to pick a hobby in our youthful years, work at it and live it

These hobbies can relieve us of boredom and stress as we go in life

As we engage in these hobbies, we should also stay healthy to live

Hobbies are important in our old age

Happy 87th birthday Professor I. A. Grillo

Cheers to many more years of playing the violin